Chocolate making machine


Chocolate making machine is used for chocolate coating confectionery cream bananas, praline, different kinds of cookies ...
It can chocolate whole product, and can one-half, depending on the type of product.


Chocolate making machine is automated with manual loading of the product, the variable working width (400mm, 600mm, 800mm). According to the drivers of this type is a mechanical machine. The whole machine is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose in confectionary. The machine consists of the following components: jacket container for prepared chocolate, deposition equipment running over the product of a change in velocity (chocolate curtain), air curtain, which performs fine regulation of the coating layer. Chocolate is transmitted with pump in to the bowl for chocolate coating. Light stainless steel wire belts is regulated with frequency converter, pull straps complete with dosing system for cleaning equipment in a short time without the necessary tools reduces routine maintenance and exclude the specialized staff in the maintenance.


Capacity of the machine Q = 3.5 m / min
Installed power Pi = 6 kw
Tunnel dimensions L x W x H 2.000 x 1.100 x 1.400