Cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel


The tunnel is designed to cool all kinds of chocolate products


The tunnel is a line-type automated. According to the drivers of this type is a mechanical machine. The machine is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose and is used in confectionary and plastic-coated steel profiles. The workflow is electronically directed. The tunnel consists of two chambers of the air. Product pulls antimagnetic polyurethane tape which is done through tightening rubber drive roller. Length and width of the tunnel depends on the capacity. They range from 10.000mm to 18.000mm, and the width of 400mm to 800mm.
By special request we make tunnels with different dimensions.


Capacity of the machine Q = 3.5 m / min
Installed power Pi = 5 kw
Tunnel dimensions L x W x H 10.000 x 950 x 1.400