Two-row line of ready meals

Two-row line of ready meals


Lines used for cooking, dispensing and packaging of ready meals in aluminum containers.


The line is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose and is used in the food industry. According to the drivers of this type is pneumatic mechanical machines. The machine consists of the following assemblies in technical and technological terms, provide a unified whole: two-row conveyor with aluminum tray to transport tools (tools are manufactured according to customer depending on the appearance and dimensions of containers), two bulk dispensers (feeders have the ability to dispense breaded vegetables with broth), the automatic landing covers on pots, pans brewing mechanism and the mechanism for ejecting the finished product on the desk. The workflow is electronically directed and automated. Closed containers are ready for further processing (thermal).


Line capacity Q = 16 posudice / min.
Installed power Pi = 3 kW
Operating pressure P = 5 bar
Air consumption 600 NI / min
Machine dimensions L x W x H 4.500mm x 800mm x 1.200mm