The machine is suitable for the decoration of confectionery products.
The line is designed to produce Euro block. Line can produce Euro block different grammage and shapes (square and rectangular), which must be defined by the customer


The line is a line-type automated. According to the type of drive components machine is a mechanical type. The machine is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose and is used in confectionary. The workflow is electronically directed.
The line includes:
Ball mills for brown and white matter - which are used for the homogenization of cream cocoa mass.
Tanks - which helps to maintain a ready supply of cocoa cream.
Piping hot - which is used for mass transfer from tank to dispenser, dispenses the material.
Dispensers - which are used for mass dispensing of infinite conveyor belt with the possibility of determining the thickness of the layer dosed.
Cooling tunnel - which consists of three sections and used for cooling dose cocoa-cream mass.
Cutting machines - has the possibility of cutting into various dimensions (which is defined by the customer)
Packaging machine for packaging of finished products.


Line capacity Q = 200–500kg/h
Installed power Pi = 20-40 kW(zavisno od kapaciteta)
Tunnel dimensions L x W x H 25.000 x 600–1.200 x 1.000-2.500mm