Line snaps

Line snaps


The line is designed to produce hard biscuits "PETIT BEURRE" as well as other types of biscuits.


According to the drivers of this type is a mechanical machine. The machine is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose and is used in confectionary and plastic-coated steel profiles. The workflow is electronically directed. The line containing "Z" - stirrer, lamination, baking tunnel and strip cooling products. Z - mixer is used for mixing and kneading dough and has the possibility of tipping. Container volume is 160 lit. Laminator for thinning of the dough to the required thickness. Laminator consists of triomata three DUOMAT and rotative that profiled bar, and unused dough returns conveyor for recycling. Overall dimensions are: length 4950 mm, width 800 mm, height 1800 mm. Tunnel baking cookies, which consists of three different sections where you can set three different temperatures of 180 ° C to 250 ° C. Tunnel dimensions are: length 9000 mm, width 450 mm inside the tunnel, height 1000 mm. Output wire conveyor belt which is placed at the exit of the tunnel and synchronizes operations tunnel tape baking and is designed for cooling cookies. Overall dimensions are: length 3000 mm, width 450 mm, height 800 mm.


Line capacity
Q = 150 kg / h
Installed power
Pi = 48 kW
Machine dimensions L x W x H 23000 x 1000 x 1800 (spoljni gabariti)

By special request we do the lines and higher capacity and tunnels with the possibility of burning gas. Po specijalnom zahtevu radimo tunele sa mogućnošću pečenja na gas.