Ball mill

Ball mill


Ball mill (per mill) - homogenizer is designed for production of cream products, chocolate, euro cream, chocolate ... The mill is intended to completely homogenize the mass as well as micro particles of all components is reduced to the minimum.


Ball mill is made of stainless steel and is designed for such applications in confectionary. The mill is made in the double wall and heated with water and gear pump. The device has its inbuilt electric heaters, to heat the mass during homogenization. Homogenization is performed using the mass of steel balls that are in the mill and mixer special design for this purpose. The mass which is mixed is transported using a gear pump all time while they are in process of homogenization. After the completion of homogenization, the mass with gear pump and three-way valves drained from the mill. The workflow is electronically directed, the temperature is maintained automatically.


Capacity of the machine
Q = 100 kg
Q = 200 kg
Q = 300 kg
Q = 500 kg
Installed power
Pi = 9 kW
Pi = 12 kW
Pi = 28 kW
Pi = 32 kW
Machine dimensions
Ø 460 x H 620
Ø 500 x H 850
Ø 620 x H 1000
Ø 750 x H 1150

By special request we make the ball mills with various dimension.