Dispenser for cream bananas and praline

Dispenser for cream bananas and praline


The machine is suitable for dispensing cream bananas, praline, jelly bunny, but can be used for dispensing all types of foam and gel-like mass which is used in confectionary. Can be dosed with eight different weight evenly distributed dispensers.


Dispenser is a horizontal type, the dosing process is done automatically and managed by the PLC controller. All parameters, the value of time and counting internally programmed in the PLC. Feeder line is automated and the manual loading masts. According to the drivers of this type is pneumatic-mechanical machines. Machine is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose in the confectionary and coated steel profiles. The workflow is electronically directed. The machine is programmed in two programs, the dispensing chocolate bars and pralines dosing program. There are programme for a bunny, mini bananas... The machine consists of the following assemblies in technical and technological terms, to provide a single unit: press to imprint the desired shape, retraction mechanism masts, dosing head with eight dispensers and tank jacket, jacket kettle for heating container and dispenser head. The drive unit consists of motore with a reduction and moves continuously. This mechanism provides a recoilless move the mast and precise dosing. .


Capacity of the machine Q = 200 / min (krem bananice i žele zeke)
Instalisana snagaQ = 336 / min (praline)
Installed powerPi = 3.5 kW
Operating pressureP = 5 bar
Air consumption (at 5 bar) 200 NI / min
Machine dimensions L x W x H 4.000 x 8.000 x 1.500