Duplicator bowl with mixer

Duplicator bowl with mixer


Duplicator bowl with mixer for multiple purposes is used for cooking mass, mass fusion, cooling ... Masses that are cooked in it the mass of Turkish Delight, jelly beans, jam, fondant mass, cream bananas, praline ...


Jacket is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for use in the food industry. It consists of the bowl with an anchor stirrer inside it. Duplicator is made of double wall and it is heated by thermal oil or water depending on the desired cooking temperature of the working masses. Cooking of mass is achieved by heating oil placed in double-walled, with constant mixing mass with anchor mixer which is in its interior. Warming oil is made heaters fitted under the pot and rolling motion mixer receives from the motor gear placed on the axis of the mixer above the upper surface of the court. Unloading is done through the drain valve located at the bottom of the pan. The workflow is electronically directed, the temperature is maintained automatically. i


Mixing capacity
Q = 160 lit.
Q = 220 lit.
Q = 300 lit.
Installed power
Pi = 22 kW (sa uljem)
Pi = 16 kW (sa vodom)
Dimensions mixing
Ø 550 x H 600
Ø 630 x H 700
Ø 800 x H 800

By special request we do duplicator bowl with a mixer and out of these dimensions.