Tank for holding chocolate and cream mass

Tank for holding chocolate and cream mass


Tank maintenance and chocolate cream stock was intended to maintain the prepared mass at a constant temperature and the desired time to deliver on the process.


Tank for holding chocolate and cream mass is made of stainless steel that is designed for such applications in the food industry. Tank is made of double wall is heated with water and full pipes that are used to bring the mass of chocolate and cream in a tank, and forward on. Prior to transport on a thin chocolate or creamy mass continuously mixed and held at a given temperature. The workflow is electronically directed, the temperature is maintained automatically.


The tank capacity
Q = 100 kg
Q = 200 kg
Q = 300 kg
Q = 500 kg
Installed power
Pi = 6.5 kW
Pi = 9 kW
Pi = 12 kW
Pi = 15 kW
Dimensions of tank (vessel)
Ø 460 x H 620
Ø 500 x H 850
Ø 620 x H 1000
Ø 750 x H 1150 By special request we tanks outside these dimensions.