Thermo tunnel

Thermo tunnel


This automatic machine is designed for individual and group packaging in foil, which has a posibillity of thermal shrinkage so that adheres to the product and protects it from external influences, and in group packs and achieved good homogeneity packages.


According to the drivers of this type is a mechanical pneumatic machines. It is made of stainless steel that is designed for this purpose to be used in prehrembenoj and chemical industries.
Thermo tunnel Is automatic machine and consists of several units - devices that comprises by functional unit. Unit foil coating consists of carrier rollers top and bottom foil, iron welding and cutting foil. The product is fed via conveyor system, which will be automatically pushed trough the film , and then descends iron, welding and cutting foil. Shrink chamber is placed on a pedestal carriers. The air in the chamber is heated by electric heaters, its circulation achieved with axial fan and the temperature is controlled by thermostat. Use a special system recirculation of hot air, the system saves a significant amount of energy and has a high capacity shrinkage. The chamber is thermally insulated. The cooling unit package is located behind the chamber and serves to cool the foil which is wrapped package, cooling is carried out in a stream of cold air provided by a fan.


Capacity of the machine
Q = 4 – 6 cikl. / min
Installed power
Pi = 18 kW
Operating pressure
P = 5 bar
Air consumption
160 NI / min
Type of film
Termoskupljajuća PE
Maximum film width
B = 420 mm
Film thickness
0.07 – 0.11 mm
Machine dimensions L x W x H
2500 x 1000 x 1700